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The quarterly distribution reflects the Fund's current distribution policy to provide shareholders with a relatively stable cash flow per share. There is no guarantee that the Fund's current distribution policy will reduce or eliminate the Fund's market price discount to its net asset value per share and the Fund's trustees have no fiduciary duty to take action, or to consider taking any action, to narrow any such discount. The policy may be changed or discontinued without notice. The distributions are paid from net investment income and any net capital gains, with the balance representing return of capital. The Fund's distributions are not tied to its net investment income and net realized capital gains and do not represent yield or investment return. The Fund is subject to U.S. corporate, tax, and securities laws. Under U.S. tax accounting rules, the amount of distributable net income is determined on an annual basis and is dependent during the fiscal year on the aggregate gains and losses realized by the Fund and, to a lesser extent, other factors. Therefore, the exact amount of distributable income can only be determined as of the end of the Fund's fiscal year. Under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, however, the Fund is required to indicate the source of each distribution to shareholders. The Fund estimates that distributions for the period commencing January 1, including the distributions paid quarterly, will be comprised primarily from paid in capital and the balance from net investment income. This estimated distribution composition may vary from quarter to quarter because it may be materially impacted by future realized gains and losses on securities and other factors. In January, the Fund normally sends shareholders a Form 1099-DIV for the prior calendar year stating the amount and composition of distributions and providing information about their appropriate tax treatment.

2018 Quarterly Distribution Dates

   Declaration    Record    Payment
   March 1    March 15    March 29
   June 1    June 15    June 29
   September 4    September 18    September 28
   December 3    December 17    December 28

Historical Distribution Summary (Per Share)

   Period    Investment Income    Return of Capital    Capital Gains    Total
   2017    $ 0.39    $ 0.12    $ 0.09    $ 0.60
   2016    $ 0.23    $ 0.77    $ -    $ 1.00
   2015    $ 0.26    $ 1.37    $ -    $ 1.63
   2014    $ 1.63    $ -    $ -    $ 1.63
   2013    $ 1.16    $ 0.47    $ -    $ 1.63
   2012    $ 0.56    $ 1.07    $ -    $ 1.63
   2011    $ 1.00    $ 0.76    $ -    $ 1.76
   2010    $ 1.40    $ 0.24    $ -    $ 1.64
   2009    $ 1.56    $ 0.08    $ -    $ 1.64
   2008    $ 2.36    $ 1.08    $ -    $ 3.44
   2007    $ 3.36    $ 0.20    $ -    $ 3.56
   2006    $ 3.72    $ -    $ -    $ 3.72
   2005    $ 2.12    $ 1.88    $ -    $ 4.00
   2004    $ 2.16    $ 1.84    $ -    $ 4.00
   2003    $ 2.44    $ 1.56    $ -    $ 4.00
   2002    $ 2.64    $ 1.84    $ -    $ 4.48
   2001    $ 2.60    $ 2.36    $ -    $ 4.96
   2000    $ 3.20    $ 1.76    $ -    $ 4.96
   1999    $ 3.44    $ 1.40    $ 0.12    $ 4.96
   June 29, 1998 to November 30, 1998    $ 1.64    $ -    $ -    $ 1.64


Terms and Conditions of the
2015 Amended Dividend Reinvestment Plan

1. Each shareholder (the “Shareholder”) holding shares (the “Shares”) of Dividend and Income Fund (the “Fund”) will automatically be a participant in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the “Plan”), unless the Shareholder specifically elects to receive all dividends and capital gains in cash by notice to American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC, 6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11219, 1-800-278-4353, as agent under the Plan (the “Agent”). The Agent will open an account for each Shareholder under the Plan in the same name in which such Shareholder's Shares are registered.

2. Whenever the Fund declares a capital gain distribution or an income dividend payable in Shares or cash, participating Shareholders will take the distribution or dividend entirely in Shares and the Agent will automatically receive the Shares, including fractions, for the Shareholder's account in accordance with the following:

Whenever the Market Price (as defined in Section 3 below) per Share is equal to or exceeds the net asset value per Share at the time Shares are valued for the purpose of determining the number of Shares equivalent to the cash dividend or capital gain distribution (the “Valuation Date”), participants will be issued additional Shares equal to the amount of such dividend divided by the lower of the Fund’s net asset value per Share or the Fund’s Market Price per Share. Whenever the Market Price per Share is less than such net asset value on the Valuation Date, participants will be issued additional Shares equal to the amount of such dividend divided by the Market Price. The Valuation Date is the business day before the dividend or distribution payment date. If the Fund should declare a dividend or capital gain distribution payable only in cash, the Agent will, as purchasing agent for the participating Shareholders, buy Shares in the open market or elsewhere, for such Shareholders’ accounts after the payment date, except that the Agent will endeavor to terminate purchases in the open market and cause the Fund to issue the remaining Shares if, following the commencement of the purchases, the Market Price of the Shares exceeds the net asset value. These remaining Shares will be issued by the Fund at a price equal to the lower of the Fund’s net asset value per Share or the Market Price.

In a case where the Agent has terminated open market purchases and caused the issuance of remaining Shares by the Fund, the number of Shares received by the participant in respect of the cash dividend or distribution will be based on the weighted average of prices paid for Shares purchased in the open market and the price at which the Fund issues remaining Shares. To the extent that the Agent is unable to terminate purchases in the open market before the Agent has completed its purchases, or remaining Shares cannot be issued by the Fund because the Fund declared a dividend or distribution payable only in cash, and the Market Price exceeds the net asset value of the Shares, the average Share purchase  price paid by the Agent may exceed the net asset value of the Shares, resulting in the acquisition of fewer Shares than if the dividend or capital gain distribution had been paid in Shares issued by the Fund.

The Agent will apply all cash received as a dividend or capital gain distribution to purchase shares on the open market as soon as practicable after the payment date of the dividend or capital gain distribution, but in no event later than 45 days after that date, except when necessary to comply with applicable provisions of the federal securities laws.

3. For all purposes of the Plan: (a) the Market Price of the Shares on a particular date shall be the average of the volume weighted average sale prices or, if no sale occurred then the mean between the closing bid and asked quotations, for the Shares quoted on the NYSE on each of the five business days the Shares traded ex-dividend on the NYSE immediately prior to such date, and (b) net asset value per share on a particular date shall be as determined by or on behalf of the Fund.

4. The open market purchases provided for herein may be made on any securities exchange on which the Shares are traded, in the over-the-counter market, or in negotiated transactions, and may be on such terms as to price, delivery, and otherwise as the Agent shall determine. Funds held by the Agent uninvested will not bear interest, and it is understood that, in any event, the Agent shall have no liability in connection with any inability to purchase Shares within 45 days after the initial date of such purchase as herein provided, or with the timing of any purchases effected. The Agent shall have no responsibility as to the value of the Shares acquired for the Shareholder's account.

5. The Agent will hold Shares acquired pursuant to the Plan in noncertificated form in the Agent's name or that of its nominee. At no additional cost, a Shareholder participating in the Plan may send to the Agent for deposit into its Plan account those certificate shares of the Fund in its possession. These Shares will be combined with those unissued full and fractional Shares acquired under the Plan and held by the Agent. Shortly thereafter, such Shareholder will receive a statement showing its combined holdings. The Agent will forward to the Shareholder any proxy solicitation material and will vote any Shares so held for the Shareholder only in accordance with the proxy returned by the Shareholder to the Fund.

6. The Agent will confirm to the Shareholder each acquisition for the Shareholder’s account as soon as practicable but not later than 60 days after the date thereof. Although the Shareholder may from time to time have an individual fractional interest (computed to three decimal places) in a Share, no certificates for fractional Shares will be issued. However, dividends and distributions on fractional Shares will be credited to Shareholders' accounts. In the event of a termination of a Shareholder's account under the Plan, the Agent will adjust for any such undivided fractional interest in cash at the opening market value of the Shares at the time of termination.

7. Any stock dividends or split Shares distributed by the Fund on Shares held by the Agent for the Shareholder will be credited to the Shareholder's account. In the event that the Fund makes available to the Shareholder the right to purchase additional Shares or other securities, the Shares held for a Shareholder under the Plan will be added to other Shares held by the Shareholder in calculating the number of rights to be issued to such Shareholder. Transaction processing may either be curtailed or suspended until the completion of any stock dividend, stock split, or corporate action.

8. The Agent's service fee for handling capital gain distributions or income dividends will be paid by the Fund. The Shareholder will be charged a pro rata share of brokerage commissions on all open market purchases.

9. The Shareholder may terminate the account under the Plan by notifying the Agent. A termination will be effective immediately if notice is received by the Agent three days prior to any dividend or distribution payment date. If the request is received less than three days prior to the payment date, then that dividend will be invested, and all subsequent dividends will be paid in cash.

10. These terms and conditions may be amended or supplemented by the Fund at any time or times but, except when necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable law or the rules or policies of the Securities and Exchange Commission or any other regulatory authority, only by mailing to the Shareholder appropriate written notice at least 30 days prior to the effective date thereof. The amendment or supplement shall be deemed to be accepted by the Shareholder unless, prior to the effective date thereof, the Agent receives written notice of the termination of such Shareholder's account under the Plan. Any such amendment may include an appointment by the Fund of a successor agent in its place and stead under these terms and conditions, with full power and authority to perform all or any of the acts to be performed by the Agent. Upon any such appointment of an Agent for the purpose of receiving dividends and distributions, the Fund will be authorized to pay to such successor Agent all dividends and distributions payable on Shares held in the Shareholder's name or under the Plan for retention or application by such successor Agent as provided in these terms and conditions.

11. In the case of Shareholders, such as banks, brokers, or nominees, which hold Shares for others who are the beneficial owners, the Agent will administer the Plan on the basis of the number of Shares certified from time to time by the Shareholders as representing the total amount registered in the Shareholder's name and held for the account of beneficial owners who are to participate in the Plan.

12. The Agent shall at all times act in good faith and agree to use its best efforts within reasonable limits to insure the accuracy of all services performed under this agreement and to comply with applicable law, but assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for loss or damage due to errors unless the errors are caused by its negligence, bad faith, or willful misconduct or that of its employees.

13. Neither the Fund nor the Agent will be liable for any act performed in good faith or for any good faith omission to act, including without limitation, any claim of liability arising out of (i) failure to terminate a Shareholder’s account, sell shares, or purchase shares, (ii) the prices which shares are purchased or sold for the Shareholder’s account, and (iii) the time such purchases or sales are made, including price fluctuation in market value after such purchases or sales.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (pdf)


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